True story

My philosophy has always been: throw yourself into the fire and then write about it. And that is precisely how I’ve lived my life – the resulting plot line being so jagged and improbable that if I turned it into fiction, it would be deemed ‘implausible’ by my editor. Irony at is sharpest; I’ve never understood why god gets to be as implausible as he fancies in his work, but I have to be so plausible in mine. But que sera sera.

According to my earlier music press, I am a “peripatetic poetess and perceptive observer of Daily Life”, “entrancing,” “wincingly honest” and “astutely self-aware.”

But if you ask me I’ll say: I am a writer and I always have been. Be it via songs, poems or novels, I’ve been doing it since I could hold a pencil. I grew up in Africa and Australia, but it was at the age of 20 when I moved to New York that I truly found my creative spirit. I studied acting, did a lot of indie films and off-off Broadway theatre (hence my love of dialogue), got married dressed in all black at city hall (divorced at 22) and picked up the guitar for the first time. I started writing songs – and those would eventually form part of the four records I made before I swapped to writing books.

After graduating with a BA in English I moved to London. There, I dated a lot of very bad but fascinating men (many of whom were Parisian), acted in indie films, played shows across Europe, travelled a lot and became a poster girl for partying like a rock star then undoing the damage with green juice and cosmetics.

Now I’m a poster girl for sobriety. I’ll let your imagination fill in the gaps.

So I guess I’ve been pulled through my life by a relentless curiosity, collecting stories not shoes along the way (which is lucky, given the luggage restrictions on flights). Some of them find their way into my work. Some of them just inspire me.

My first novel, ‘The Sunday Girl’, came out in September 2018. In Australia it became a bestseller, being described by The Daily Telegraph as ‘a gripping psychological thriller’, by Good Reading as ‘exciting, irresistible, and real’ and by The Herald Sun as a worthy new member of ‘the Girls Club of psychological thrillers’. It was also voted by readers as one of Better Reading’s Top 100. ‘The Sunday Girl’ came out in the UK in April 2019 and comes out in the US via Sourcebooks in May 2020.

My second novel, ‘The Strangers We Know’, is a psychological thriller based in London and is out now! You can get it from QBD, Booktopia, Kindle and Apple.

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