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‘Bluebird’ is now on iTunes and bandcamp…for a free track join the mailing list…let me know if you have a favourite, otherwise it is pot luck…I just want to say a huge thank you to the following stations for playing this record so far: 96fm, 2 Air FM 107.9 Coffs Coast Community Radio, 5GTR FM, Radio 3mgb, 3CR, Nambucca Valley Radio, TLC FM 100.3, 5EFM, Tjuma Pulka Media and Rainbow-FM.
Here are a couple of reviews:
“Her songs – confessional, honest, life-affirming – are generally played on piano, and exist in a genre shared by Feist, Fiona Apple and Tori Amos. Beginning with the pure pop tones of “The Angel Song”, its façade of simple, quirky delights disguises something altogether more complex, and is beautifully executed. “Razorblade Spoon” takes a more recognisable route – though the result is just as pleasurable, and as with all of “Bluebird” there’s much satisfaction to be found in Drysdale’s wordplay. Of course, on “(Je Ne Peux Pas Te Dire) Adieu” it may not be quite as obvious, but a breezy tune and a generous helping of charm carry the day.” Leicester Bangs
“On Bluebird, Drysdale offers a more stripped back sound which features her playing guitar and piano. This more back to basics approach works in Drysdale’s favour as it highlights her trifecta of talent: her musicianship, song writing ability and her voice. And just when you think that’s enough for one person she demonstrates her bilingual skills in the catchy French lyrics of’ (je ne peux pas te dire) Adieu.’ The Album opens with the quirky ‘The Angel Song’, that wouldn’t be out of place on the Juno soundtrack. It’s an immediately likeable track, but the hidden joy of this album is that many of the songs come alive after several plays. Notable standouts are the love and longing on ‘Razorblade Spoon’ and the song ‘Lighthouse’ which has single potential. Drysdales angelic voice delicately soars over ‘The Shadow Song, and has a commanding presence in ‘Superhero’. On ‘The Best Thing’ she takes us on a lyrical journey from the place (New York) to the abstract, personal and emotional. There are many references on the album to shadows, silhouettes and not being seen but on Bluebird Drysdale actually reveals her fragilities, her loves, her hopes and fears, and this makes for an unafraid melodic statement on the human condition.” Velvet Ant

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