press quotes

‘The Girls’ club of psychological thrillers has a worthy new member. The Sunday Girl, an impressive debut by well travelled author Pip Drysdale, is bound for the top shelf alongside The Girl on the Train and Gone Girl. There’s no putting this book down as Drysdale sets Taylor on a collision course with danger and pure, heartless evil. Verdict: movie potential.’ – Carina Bruce, The Herald Sun.

‘Excellently plotted, original, breezily written, The Sunday Girl, is a hugely entertaining read that begins at a canter and builds to a gallop, taking you on a wild ride.’ – Better Reading.

‘This is an addictive debut psychological thriller which explores the darkness of abusive relationships.’ – New Idea.

‘This is an unpredictable story about unpleasant people – rather like Gone Girl and The Girl on the Train in that respect. It has strong page-turning powers and a nail-biter of a second half. While I can’t say I was 100% convinced by all the actions of its characters, I was definitely hooked by the sharp, pacy writing and twisty plot of this intriguing psychological thriller.’ – Nicky Pellegrino, Books Editor, NZ Women’s Weekly.

‘The Sunday Girl is exciting, irresistible, and real. Though Taylor is something of a hyperbolic depiction of the wronged ex­-girlfriend, at its heart, the book reflects a truth about what it is to be broken­hearted and burned.’ – Emma Harvey, Good Reading Magazine.

‘It’s addictive reading …There’s nuance in the cat and mouse game that only reveals itself as the story progresses, there’s tension and a lack of predictability that isn’t best served by the comparisons with other books …Cleverly constructed with a light tone, and an approachable central protagonist, THE SUNDAY GIRL explores abuse, victimisation, control and revenge in an accessible, and impressively sneaky manner …I’m happy to report that this is an impressive debut.’ – Karen,

‘A dating revenge novel with chills aplenty.’ – The Listener.


On songs:

‘Peripatetic poetess and perceptive observer of Daily Life.’ – reAKT magazine

‘With an obvious knack for deeper lyrical meaning, Drysdale proved to be a sweeter slice of Fiona’s Apple.’ – Drum Media

‘Wincingly honest, her guileless insights are part of her charm, as are her warm-throated vocals and astute self-awareness.’ – Sydney Morning Herald

‘Beginning with the pure pop tones of “The Angel Song”, its façade of simple, quirky delights disguises something altogether more complex, and is beautifully executed…there’s much satisfaction to be found in Drysdale’s wordplay.’ – Leicester Bangs

‘Just Five Minutes: This song was the most infectious catchy song on my list. It s a snappy radio friendly piece of power pop.’ – Glastonbury emerging talent judge on

‘Become entranced by these very direct and acute observations on love and life.’ – Groove Magazine

‘On Bluebird Drysdale actually reveals her fragilities, her loves, her hopes and fears, and this makes for an unafraid melodic statement on the human condition.’ – Velvet Ant

‘I can imagine a few of these tracks being honed by chick flicks, and charming songs such as Cherry Blossom Tree and Stupid Angel are sure to be heard in the near future.’ 
– Acoustic Magazine